Setting up My Calendars in iOS Calendar

Set up your Google Account on your iOS device through these steps:
  1. Go to Settings... Mail, Contact, Calendars
  2. Click on Add Account
  3. Click on Google or Gmail (it varies depending on your OS)
  4. Answer the four questions
  5. Click Next
  6. Check the box for Calendars and any other services you want to add.

Setting up Other Calendars in iOS Calendar

When you set up your Google calendar on your iOS device, it only pulls those calendars found under "My Calendars." If you want to view subscribed calendars, follow these steps.

On your iPhone go to On the resulting page log into your Gmail account and tap Sign In. In the screen that appears you’ll see listings for not only your Gmail calendars, but also those calendars you’ve subscribed to. Enable those calendars you’d like to sync with your iPhone and it’s done. When you next open the Calendar app you’ll the events these calendars contain embedded in your calendar.